The Vigilante Hockey Camp instructor’s realize the off-season presents a prime opportunity
for an athlete to increase strength, speed, stamina, and the overall edge on their teammates
and competition.  In order for any player to take their game to the next level they must train
accordingly.  Therefore, the players will be trained like pros on and off the ice.  The
instructors at Vigilante Hockey Camps are committed to the needs and the development of
each individual player.

Instructor Objectives:

  • Challenge the individual to push out of their “comfort zone” with the hopes of them
    reaching their full potential as a player and human being.

  • Implementing skill-based drills that challenge players with and without the puck.

  • Individualized instruction that breaks down players strengths and weaknesses, with the
    focus on converting weaknesses into strengths.

  • Implementing numerous off-ice conditioning drills that develops a players explosive
    power, balance, coordination, and confidence on the ice.

  • An instructional staff that cares about the well-being and improvement of each
    individual player on and off the ice.
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