“Over the last several years my son has had the pleasure of attending the Vigilante Hockey
Camps, plyometric classes, and also has had the privilege of taking private lessons with Mike.  
At the camps the students are presented with hockey skills from the extensive backgrounds of
Mike, John and Bill as well as off-ice conditioning and nutrition information. The Vigilantes truly
care about the development and well-being of their students and it shows. They are all
excellent at leading by example.

In addition to the obvious benefits and marked improvement on the ice for my son, the
intangible benefits have been numerous. He has built confidence, good work habits and a
healthy attitude. His experience with the Vigilantes has definitely been beneficial to him on and
off the ice.  We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Mike one on one as
well. He has served not only as a knowledgeable coach, but as a great role model and
example of character.”
- The Morin Family (Parents)

" The Vigilantes do a great job of communicating with the players. They make sure the players
understand the skills being taught and reinforce proper technique. The camps are always
challenging and high tempo. The off ice program is second to none. My son always looks
forward to working with the Vigilantes and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to
take their game to the next level. "
- Jeff Mason (Head Coach / Parent)

“The Vigilante hockey camp is both fun and challenging for the players who attend.  The
coaches are interested in the development of each player in their camps.  Their personalities
mesh well to create a fun, competitive atmosphere among the campers.  Many players who
love the game have habits they are not aware of - or any idea how to correct those errors.  
Your player will come away knowing how to work to improve the areas of weakness they have
and better understand how to use their natural strengths.  

Mike is good at analyzing skating style, providing a game plan for improvement and educating
the young athlete in proper sports care & nutrition.  Bill is a great encourager and good at
keeping the kids moving through their paces.  John is all energy and a great motivator by
example.  All of the instructors are very good at showing players individually how to adjust their
skating form, puck handling and game strategy.

My son has worked out with Mike for 4 years in camps, private lessons and off-ice training.  I
feel his hockey skills and awareness of fitness and nutrition have increased due to these
sessions.  Mike and his brothers are wholesome, positive examples of what a young athlete
can do and I would recommend them as trainers without hesitation. “
- A '94 hockey player mom (Parent)

"Hi, my name is Dominic Mathews and I’m 14 years old. I’d like to say that the Vigilante camps
are great! I really love the instructors; they make it really fun and at the same time you get a
great workout. I learn something new everyday. I’ve been going to their camps for about 3
years now and they never get old and they are always fun. When you finish the camps you are
always on top or your “A” game and that can help you during tryouts. I love the Vigilante
camps and would recommend anyone to go there of any age."
- Dominic Mathews (player - 14 years old)

"My son has been to quite a few hockey camps and the Vigilante Camp is by far the best.  I
love that the instructors push the kids to their fullest; how they give each kid individual
attention in the areas where they need improvement, but most of all, they really make learning
fun, my son has a blast.

My son also takes private lessons on the ice and workout sessions off the ice.  These lessons
put him in tip top shape for fall tryouts both mentally and physically.

My son can’t wait for the camp to start every year, and when it is over he is already talking
about “next year”!  

I highly recommend the Vigilante Camps to hockey players of all ages, they are very organized
and well run camps, and the instructors truly care about the kids!"

- Sharon Mathews (Parent)

"Dalton came in not knowing anyone and nervous, by Wednesday he was asking if he could
sign up for next year.  I would highly recommend this camp to everyone, my son learned a
great deal and had a lot of fun!"
- Jeanie Stiegler (Parent)

"The energy and tempo of the workouts is great!  I can tell the campers are having fun
because its fun just watching.  Most importantly, every camper, regardless of his/her skill level
is given instruction and encouragement.  Bravo!"
-Dwayne Crawford (Parent)

"The coaching staff is awesome!  William learned more in a week than he has for the last two
years he's played.  Very well ran camp that challenged player's to do their best.  Just the best
camp out there!"
-Shirley Gage (Parent)
Vigilante Hockey Camps, LLC - PO Box 2, Dearborn, MI. 48121-0002